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Southern Scoundrels

SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Fans in the Mid-South

Southern Scoundrels - SciFi Fans in the MidSouth
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This is a place for Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans in West TN, Northern Mississippi, Eastern Arkansas, and neighboring areas to get together and discuss all aspects of fandom.

This is not a club, or an organization. There will be no officers or dues.
Just think of it as a place to meet fellow fans. Kind of what MeetUp.com always wanted to be.

Please be considerate of your fellow fans' opinions during discussions. Something you hate may be very dear to someone else, and vice-versa. It's ok to criticize, but bashing is just tacky.

That said, feel free to discuss your favorite movies, books, TV shows, comics, video games, costumes, conventions, etc. Everything that is not quite normal from Star Wars to Lost, from Star Trek to Cthulhu, if it is out of the bounds of everyday life it's fair game. It all falls under the heading of speculative fiction.

Scoundrelmod handles all of the mod duties.