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Welcome to the Southern Scoundrels

Well, we have a few members of the community now, with more to come I am sure.
As the community info states - this is just a place to discuss all forms of speculative fiction (Sci-Fi, fantasy, horror, etc.) with other fans in the south. The mod and his friends are mostly located in the West TN/North Mississippi area, but all are welcome.

So, let's get this thing started. What do you think of the first season of the new Doctor Who being shown on Sci-Fi Channel? I'm loving every episode!


Personally, I think it's wicked awesome. Christopher Eccleston plays one cool Doctor.

I prefer David Tennant, who's the Tenth Doctor in Season 2 (or 22 depinding on how you're counting), which is showing now in Britain, but Chris is still awesomely intense.

But, yeah. My Dad had to make me sit down and watch it (He was a Tom Baker fan) but I'm glad he did, because I just adore this show.

I thought that the episode on Friday, Father's Day, was especially great because of the Doctor/Rose relationship factor. Yeah, I know I'm just a crazy fangirl, but I still can't hep squee-ing when I see 'shippy moments between them. And the cgi dragon-creatures....just fantastic.

And this Friday we get to meet Captain Jack, the randy, bisexual, former Time Agent! Now THAT'S gonna be cool.
I'd heard that "Father's Day" was the best single episode of DW in history from folks who had already seen the BBC airings. I figured that was just hyperbole. But after seeing it, well, if not the best, it was damn close. Like your Dad, I started as a Tom Baker fan, but this version is, as Eccleston might say, "Fantastic"! Here's hoping Sci-Fi will carry the next season so I can compare Tennant before having to order the DVDs.

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